Hubei Huanggang Customer-Single Shaft Shredder Case

1. Customer location

Huanggang, Hubei Province

2. Materials, production capacity and requirements to be processed by the customer

Material: waste cloth, non-textiles, industrial waste

Requirement: direct incineration after shredding, output 5 tons/H

3. The solution we provide according to the customer's requirements

The solution provided by our company is: use XB-L64160 single-axis shredder, feed the material through the grabber, and discharge the material directly into the customer's truck, and then send it to the cement plant for incineration

4. Final effect and production capacity

The size after shredding meets the user's requirements, the production capacity meets the standard, and the customer is very satisfied.

5. Videos and pictures related to XB-L64160 single-axis shredder





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