Waste tire shredder price

  • release time: 2020-09-12

The factors that determine the price of waste tire shredders are mainly from three aspects: 1. Type of shredder. 2. Output. 3. Equipment quality.


1. Types of shredders

Both the double-shaft shear shredder and the four-shaft shredder can shred waste tires, but the effects are different and the prices are also different. Generally speaking, the four-shaft shredder is more expensive than the double-shaft shredder.

Four-axis shredder

The main difference between a double-axis shredder and a four-axis shredder is in the application scenario and materials. The double-axis shredder has a wider applicability, while the four-axis shredder is more precise and specialized. The four-axis shredder is mainly for large hollow containers, such as blue barrels and IBS barrels. The double-axis shredder is mainly for smaller hollow industrial solid waste, tires, domestic garbage and other materials. For comparison with a large hollow barrel, if a double-axis shear shredder is used, it needs to be cut or flattened, while a four-axis shredder can be directly put into shredding because the four-axis shredding grab angle is larger. Secondly, the four-axis shredder can be used for multiple shearing, while the double-axis shredder is basically a single shearing. Therefore, from the perspective of the shredder effect, the size of the material shredded by the four-axis shredder will be smaller than that of the double-axis shredder. The double-axis shredder is mainly used for general shredding processing and is applicable to materials of complex types. Four-axis shredders are mostly used for shredding hollow materials.

2. Output

For the same brand and the same type of shredder, the higher the output, the more expensive the price. The factors that affect the output are mainly the following: the rotation diameter of the shredder cutter, the cutter material, and whether the transmission structure is a hardened gear reducer or a planetary reducer. Equipment with high output and stable operation has many processing steps, large working condition selection, power coefficient and reducer safety factor. High-quality shredders mostly use planetary reducers, which have the characteristics of high torque and low loss.

Double shaft shredder

3. Equipment quality

The quality of equipment is mainly determined by design selection, materials, and accessories. Good brands have thick plates, and accessories and tools are of good quality. The material of the tool is the most important part of the price of the whole set of equipment. Good material selection has a long service life and can handle complex types of materials, so the price will be more expensive.

Therefore, when choosing a waste tire shredder, you should combine your actual situation. If you need to shred a single waste tire, it is more appropriate to choose a double-axis shearing shredder. If the shredded material is not only waste tires, but also other relatively large hollow materials, then choose a four-axis shredder.

The price span of the shredder is very large. Even the prices of shredders of the same specifications vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition to the difference in materials, there are also differences in manufacturing processes. It is also very important to select a reasonable working condition matching coefficient according to different models of equipment to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine. This is also the reason why we choose equipment from well-known manufacturers.

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