How much does a double-shaft shredder cost?

  • release time: 2021-12-14

There are many factors that determine the price of a double-shaft shredder, including the materials, blades, bearings, motors, processes, functions, specifications and output of the shredder, etc. Therefore, the price range ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. When choosing, you should combine the actual situation of your production to buy a product that suits you.

1. Type determines the price of the shredder

The prices of different types of shredders are different. From the shredding materials, they can be divided into soft materials, hard materials, and metals. From the bearings, they can be divided into single-shaft, double-shaft, four-shaft, and so on. Generally speaking, for the same specifications, the higher the strength requirements of the shredder itself, the more expensive the price.

2. Working principle

The prices of shredders with different working principles are also different. For example, double-shaft shredders can be divided into double-roller type and shear type. Relatively speaking, the working principles of shredders that are more complicated and cumbersome, and the materials used are more difficult to make, and the sales price will also be higher.


Double-shaft roller shredder


Double-axis shear shredder

3. Specifications determine price

For the same type of shredder, there are many specifications and models, mainly based on the user's output. The higher the output demand, the higher the price, and vice versa. When choosing, you should choose the specifications and models that suit you according to your actual output.

4. The performance of the shredder determines the price

The performance of the shredder is mainly reflected in stability, shredding efficiency, and service life, as well as other factors, such as energy consumption, automatic intelligence, etc. A shredder with good performance produces good finished products, high efficiency, and greatly saves costs. Relatively speaking, the equipment price is also relatively high.

Shredder spindle:

The spindle integral forging will not break or deform when the equipment is shredding high-strength materials or working for a long time. It is manufactured by lathes, CNC machining centers and other professional processing equipment to ensure that the overall spindle error does not exceed 5 wires, ensuring the long-term stable operation of the equipment and ensuring that the distance between the fixed knife and the moving knife can be adjusted to a minimum of 0.5mm


Shredder blade: Moving blade

The shredder blade has a special four-corner design and can be used multiple times to save user costs. The blade is imported from abroad to ensure that the material SKD11 is pure and reliable. It has undergone multiple heat treatments and vacuum cryogenic treatments to ensure the life of the blade. Taking the PE pipe head material as an example, it can crush more than 1000-1500 tons



5. Brand influence

Brand factors also account for a large proportion. The manufacturing process, accessories and materials of big brand shredders are more sophisticated, especially the knives. Their service life and stability are unmatched by ordinary small factories. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand, and the price of well-known shredder manufacturers will naturally be relatively higher.

Fixed knife:

The fixed knife of the shredder is made by wire cutting to ensure that the error will not exceed 5 wires, and the moving knife and fixed knife on the main shaft of the equipment can be adjusted to a minimum of 0.5mm. The imported materials are pure and reliable.


Shredder coupling function: connect the main shaft and gear box


1. Ensure stable power output of the shredder without loss of force.

2. Better protect the shredding spindle and gear box from damage.

3. Special customization facilitates maintenance and inspection.


6. The influence of materials used in shredder accessories on price and performance:

1. Steel: The material and thickness of steel plates used by different manufacturers to manufacture shredders vary greatly. For professional shredding equipment manufacturers, the thickness of the plate needs to be recalculated according to the different shredding materials, which determines the cost and affects the final price;

2. Motor: The motor must be a qualified product produced by a genuine factory. Refurbished motors or defective motors must not be used to fill the number, because if the copper wire of these motors does not meet the requirements of the rated current, the motor is prone to burn out or the driving force is insufficient, affecting the rotation speed of the shredder equipment and the overall shredding effect;

3. Bearing: The quality of the bearing directly affects the production effect and shredding effect of the shredder equipment. The bearing must be produced by a large manufacturer. The bearing produced by a small factory should not be used, but at the same time, pay attention to counterfeit products;

4. Blade: The shredder blade has the greatest impact on the price factor. The price of this part is often 2-4 times different due to different materials;

4. In this regard, in the process of purchasing a shredder, the above four aspects of the equipment need to be considered to ensure that the purchased shredder is of high quality and low price;





The price of shredders varies greatly. Even shredders of the same specifications have different prices from different manufacturers. In addition to the difference in materials, there are also differences in manufacturing processes. It is also very important to select a reasonable working condition matching coefficient according to different types of equipment to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine. This is also the reason why we choose equipment from well-known manufacturers. With the above key details, I believe you will not step on the pit.






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