Which metal shredder manufacturer is better?

  • release time: 2020-07-30

    Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of shredders. Metal shredders are one of Xinbei Machinery's main products. They can shred wires, cables, aluminum, metal cans, metal barrels, bicycles, cars and other metals with high shredding efficiency.

Features of single-axis hard metal shredder:

The overall circulation of the bin material, unlimited feeding, high shredding efficiency, no material jamming; unique external guide, stable, zero maintenance.

The spindle is an integral fastener, automatically processed by the machining center, high precision, and never broken.

The transmission parts are connected by couplings to reduce vibration, protect the spindle and reducer, and do not lose force.

The unique vertical hopper is equipped with a pneumatic cover and a safe feeding platform for convenient feeding and safety.

The electronic control system is PLC self-programmed, equipped with start, stop, forward and overload automatic protection functions. The whole machine is automated to ensure stable and safe operation. Save labor costs.


Single-axis hard material metal shredder

Features of double-axis shear metal shredder:

The motor is connected to the reducer pulley, which gradually decelerates and effectively protects the motor and reducer.

The traditional system uses a coupling connection to alleviate the recoil force and ensure the stability of the overall structure.

You can choose a one-piece or split tool and tool thickness according to the material, with wide diversity.

The electrical system is controlled by Siemens PLC, which is easy to operate and safe to run.


Double-axis shearing metal shredder

Four-axis metal shredder hot spots :

The main shaft is processed by the machining center as a whole piece, and there are no welds around it; the shearing type moving knife adopts a split fastening connection and is locked to the knife shaft by screws. It is conducive to reducing wear costs and operation time for later replacement.

The transmission system is a compact connection of motor, reducer, and coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft are connected without gaps through gears to ensure high efficiency, low speed, high torque and low noise.

The electronic control system is PLC self-programmed and equipped with start, stop, forward, reverse and overload automatic protection functions. The whole machine is automated to ensure work safety, save labor costs, and extend the life of the machine.


Four-axis metal shredder






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