How to choose a shredder? Classification of shredders.

  • release time: 2021-02-19

How to choose a suitable shredder is a major problem that has long troubled recycling customers. The following will gradually introduce how to choose a shredder and the classification of shredders.

1. The origin and function of the shredder

The main function of the shredder is to crush and reduce the large pieces of recyclables. When the shredder was not widely used, the main means for customers in the recycling industry was to use a crusher. Here we have to introduce another topic, the difference between a shredder and a crusher. The crusher crushes the material by high speed (usually between 400~500rpm) and high inertia impact. This equipment has the characteristics of high production capacity, low production cost, and simple operation when crushing light materials and small materials. However, for high-hardness materials and large blocks of materials, if it only relies on the characteristics of high speed and high inertia impact, it is impossible to break the large blocks of materials. High-hardness materials and large blocks of materials need to be crushed by equipment with relatively low speed and high torque. The way to increase the torque is usually to reduce the speed of the high-power motor by a reducer to increase the torque. This is why we see that every shredder is driven by a reducer, while the crusher is only driven by a pulley and a counterweight wheel.



2. Three classification methods of shredders

1. According to the number of shafts, they can be roughly divided into: single-shaft shredder (1 shaft), double-shaft shredder (2 shafts), and four-shaft shredder (4 shafts).

2. According to the driving method, they can be divided into two types: electric motor drive and hydraulic motor drive.

3. According to the type of materials to be shredded, this classification method is relatively complicated. Xinbei Machinery roughly divides this classification method into the following categories: ① Plastic hard material shredder (such as: plastic pipes, plates, trash cans, plastic baskets, etc., which are hard plastics on the surface), ② Plastic soft material shredder (such as: films, ton bags, woven bags, packaging bags, etc., which are soft plastics) ③ Metal shredder (a shredder that can shred metal), ④ Branch, trunk, and straw shredder (a shredder that can shred straw and branches).


3. How to choose a shredder

After understanding the classification of shredders, how should we choose a shredder? First of all, when choosing a shredder, we must understand the purpose of using the shredder, whether it is for reduction or coarse crushing, and at the same time, we must understand the state of the material, and then combine professional manufacturers to accurately locate the type and capacity model of the shredder.

For example, if I need to shred a large-diameter pipe, some manufacturers in the market recommend single-axis shredders, some manufacturers recommend double-axis shredders, and even recommend four-axis shredders, and some recommend crushers. Let's use the elimination method to solve it first. First of all, the crusher is definitely not okay. We talked about the structural principles of crushers and shredders above, and everyone has understood why the crusher is not okay. The structure of the four-axis shredder is mainly suitable for thin-walled hollow containers, which can also be denied here. The remaining double-axis and single-axis shredders are compared. The driving mode of the double-shaft shredder is two motors and two shafts. The working principle is to cut the material into pieces by rotating and biting between the blades. This method must be within the tolerance range of the motor torque before the material can be cut into pieces, otherwise there will be problems such as jamming and frequent positive and negative reversal. Large-diameter pipes are usually hard and have strong bearing capacity. If you want to use a double-shaft shredder to cut large-diameter pipes, you must use a large motor power to achieve the best effect. The driving mode of the single-shaft shredder is a single motor structure. The working principle is that after the spindle rotates, the cylinder drives the hopper to push the material onto the rotating spindle to tear the material into pieces. At the same time, the contact area between the material and the spindle is controlled by current. When the current is too high, the hopper automatically retreats to separate the material from the spindle. This structural method has the characteristics of low motor power and flexible use, and there is no need to consider whether the spindle is suitable for the amount of material thrown in. It is completely automated to save energy and labor costs.

4. Summary

Regarding the selection of shredders, the type and model of shredders should be selected according to the characteristics of specific materials and their own production requirements. You can consult professional technical manufacturers.

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