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sheet shredder

Plastic sheet shredding

Plate shredder parameters

Plate shredder parameters

Plate shredder use

  • 大型板材PP/PVC/PE

Plate shredder features

  • The plate shredder is used to shred longer and thicker plate materials. Plates with a size of 1000mm-3000mm do not need to be cut and can be fed at one time.

  • The plate shredder adopts an extended discharge bin size, and can feed more than several tons at a time, greatly improving efficiency and reducing manpower.

  • The built-in hydraulic system pushes the material to the main shaft for shredding, and cooperates with the high-precision system and the silo parallel system to ensure a smooth shredding process and reduce vibration and noise.

  • On the basis of safety and easy operation, the electronic control system is equipped with one-button start, emergency stop, overload protection and other protection functions to ensure stable operation of the machine and maintain high efficiency

Plate shredder physical picture

sheet shreddersheet shreddersheet shreddersheet shredder
sheet shreddersheet shredder
sheet shredder





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