Shear shredder, four-axis shredder, metal shredder, waste electronic product shredder

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Shear shredder, four-axis shredder

Video of shredding old electronic products

Four-axis shredder parameters

Four-axis shredder parameters

Four-axis shredder use

  • Plastic barrels, plastic bottles

  • Metal cans, metal barrels

  • Tires, car bumpers, roadblocks, circuit boards

  • Washing machines, refrigerators and other waste appliances

  • Household garbage, paper mill waste

Features of four-axis shredder

  • The spindle is processed in one piece by the machining center, and there are no welds around it; the shear-type moving knife adopts a split fastening connection and is locked to the knife shaft by screws. It is conducive to reducing wear costs and the operation time of later replacement.

  • The transmission system is a compact connection of the motor, reducer, and coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft are connected without gaps through gears to ensure high efficiency, low speed, high torque and low noise.

  • The electronic control system is PLC self-programmed and equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward transmission, reverse transmission and automatic overload protection. The whole machine is automated to ensure work safety, save labor costs, and extend the life of the machine

Four-axis shredder physical picture

Shear shredder, four-axis shredder





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