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Shear shredder, double shaft shredder, ton bag, plastic trash can shredder

Kitchen waste shredder introduction

       Kitchen waste refers to the waste generated in residents' daily life, food processing, catering services, and corporate catering activities, including discarded vegetable leaves, leftovers, leftover rice, fruit peels, eggshells, tea dregs, bones, etc. Its main sources are family kitchens, restaurants, hotels, canteens, markets, and other industries related to food processing.

Kitchen waste shredder introduction

       Kitchen waste contains extremely high moisture and organic matter, which is easy to rot and produce bad odor. After being shredded by a kitchen waste shredder, it can be processed and transformed into new resources. The high organic content makes it suitable for use as fertilizer and feed after strict treatment. It can also produce biogas for fuel or power generation, and the oil and fat part can be used to prepare biofuel.

Double shaft shredder video

Double shaft shredder parameters



Double shaft shredder use

  • Plastic barrels, plastic bottles

  • Metal cans, metal barrels

  • Tires, car bumpers, roadblocks, circuit boards

  • Washing machines, refrigerators and other waste appliances

  • Biofertilizer

Features of double shaft shredder

  • The motor is connected to the reducer pulley, which gradually decelerates and effectively protects the motor and reducer.

  • The transmission system is connected by a coupling to alleviate the recoil force and ensure the stability of the overall structure.

  • You can choose a one-piece or split tool and tool thickness according to the material, with wide diversity.

  • The electrical system is controlled by Siemens PLC, which is easy to operate and safe to run.





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