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Animal carcass shredder

Animal carcass shredder

Animal carcass shredder video

Parameters of animal carcass shredder

型号 XB-F600 XB-F800 XB-F1000 XB-F1200 XB-F1600
主电机(KW) 15*2 18.5*2 37*2 45*2 55*2
产量(Kg/h) 500 800 1000 1300 1600
外形尺寸(mm) 2960*
主机重量(KG) 3500 5000 6500 8000 9000


Use of animal carcass shredder

  • Plastic bucket, plastic bottle
  • Metal cans, metal barrels
  • Tires, car bumpers, roadblocks, circuit boards
  • Used appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators
  • Biological fertilizer

Features of animal carcass shredder

  • The main shaft is processed by the machining center as a whole, and there are no welding points around the body. The shearing movable knife is split and fastened, and is locked to the knife shaft by screws. It is beneficial to reduce the wear cost and the operation time of later replacement.
  • The transmission system is a compact connection of the motor, reducer and coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft are connected through a gear without gaps to ensure high efficiency, low speed, high torque and low noise.
  • The electric control system is PLC self-programming, equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward, reverse and overload automatic protection. The automation of the whole machine guarantees the work sanitation and safety, saves labor costs and extends the life of the machine

Animal carcass shredder spindle

Animal carcass shredder

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