Melt blown fabric

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Meltblown fabric

Meltblown fabric


High quality meltblown fabric, the details are as follows:

Specification PEF Weight(G)
175mm ≥95% 25/40/45
260mm ≥95% 25/40/45

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Meltblown fabric production environment

        Produce strictly in accordance with national requirements: constant temperature and aseptic production environment
Airflow → Primary air treatment → Air conditioning → Medium-efficiency air treatment → Fan pressurized air supply → Purified air supply duct → Efficient air supply opening → Clean room → Take away dust (bacteria) → Return air passageway → Fresh air, primary air treatment .

Meltblown fabric production environment


Meltblown fabric production video


Material selection of meltblown fabric

     1.  Polypropylene: melt index 1500, PP PPH-Y1500 high flow polypropylene.

Polypropylene for meltblown fabric
        2. Electret masterbatch: polypropylene melt-blown electret masterbatch for high performance masks

Electret masterbatch for meltblown fabric

        Advantages: Under the condition of the same fiber fineness and the same weight, reduce the resistance of non-woven products, while improving the filtration efficiency of non-woven products, and self-eliminating bacteria performance. Filtration efficiency ≥95%.

Melt blown fabric PEF 95% or more


Meltblown fabric production process

        The production process of meltblown fabric is one of the important reasons that affect the quality of finished meltblown fabric. Because the parameters of temperature, air pressure, mold, and speed are involved, it needs continuous running and debugging to achieve the best results. In the process of producing melt-blown fabrics, we have explored a lot of experience related to the adjustment of process parameters to ensure that the finished fabric reaches PEF ≥ 95% Meltblown fabric production process


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Shooting at the production site of meltblown fabric


Meltblown fabric

Meltblown fabric

Meltblown fabric

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