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Tablet shredder

Tablet shredder

Video display of tablet shredder

Tablet shredder parameters

Model XB-2455 XB-3063 XB-3980 XB-48100 XB-57120 XB-75160
Power 22KW 30KW 37KW 45KW 55KW 75KW
Output 350kg/h 500kg/h 700kg/h 900Kg/h 1100kg/h 1400kg/h
Silo caliber(cm) 78*55 78*68 100*87 120*105 140*126 180*165
Size(cm) 325*150
Weight 3600kg 4000kg 5600kg 8000kg 9500kg 12000kg

Tablet computer shredder uses

  • Large-diameter pipes and plates
  • Headstock
  • tray
  • Wire and Cable
  • Metal, glass fiber, carbon fiber

Tablet shredder features

  • The overall circulation of the warehouse material, unlimited feeding, high shredding efficiency, no jamming; unique external guidance, stability and zero maintenance.
  • The main shaft is an integral fastener, and the processing center automatically processes it with high precision and never breaks.
  • The transmission components are connected by a coupling, which reduces vibration, protects the main shaft and the reducer, and does not damage the force.
  • The unique vertical hopper is equipped with a pneumatic cover and a safe feeding platform to facilitate feeding and ensure safety.
  • The electronic control system is programmed independently by PLC, equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward rotation and automatic overload protection. The whole machine is automated to ensure stable and safe work. Save labor costs.

Tablet shredder advantage

       Tablet shredders belong to the single-shaft hard material shredder series. For detailed parameters, please refer to the single-shaft hard material shredder series.

Tablet PC shredder physical shooting

Tablet shredder


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