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Multifunctional horizontal crusher

Multifunctional horizontal crusher

Multi function horizontal crusher video

Parameters of multifunctional horizontal crusher

Model XB-W600 XB-W800 XB-W1000 XB-W1200 XB-W1600
Power(KW) 37*2 45*2 55*2 75*2 90*2
Output(kg/h) 800 1200 1500 1800 2500
Size(mm) 12500*2500*1800 12800*2900*2000 13100*3260*2150 13100*3460*2600 13100*3700*2500
Weight(kg) 11000 14000 2000 23000 25000



Application of multi-functional horizontal crusher
  • Products are suitable for PVC, PPR plastic pipes
  • Plastic profile and plate
  • Plastic doors and windows, profiles
  • PE, PP bellows

Features of multifunctional horizontal crusher

  • The unique external octagonal flat cutter structure, the cutter base is designed for step shear, which can effectively decompose cutting resistance and improve production capacity.
  • The special long mouth slope hopper design ensures that the pipe and profile do not need to be cut to realize one-time continuous feeding.
  • The tool is made in Italy. Its material standard and processing technology are all German standards, and its service life is greatly extended.

Multi functional vertical crusher on-site physical display

Multifunctional horizontal crusher

Multifunctional horizontal crusher

Multifunctional horizontal crusher

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