Chinaplas 2023 to be held in Shenzhen, China

  • release time: 2023-04-25

The 2023 Chinaplas exhibition was held in China, attracting professionals and enterprises from the global plastics and rubber industry. The exhibition was large-scale, and the products and technologies on display were also very rich, including the patented equipment of Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd.: the single-axis soft material shredder, which is one of Xinbei Machinery's classic models. Its intelligence and practicality are remarkable, and this model is also one of Xinbei Machinery's best-selling models.


As a company focusing on the manufacture of equipment for the solid waste recycling industry, Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing high-quality products and services. The main products include plastic shredders, plastic washing lines, plastic granulators, etc. These products are widely used in the solid waste recycling industry. At this exhibition, the company fully demonstrated the advantages and strengths of its products, attracting the attention and inquiries of many visitors.


The single-shaft soft material shredder is one of the core products of Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability and durability. This model adopts advanced technology and materials, has the advantages of high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance, and can effectively shred soft materials such as plastics to achieve resource reuse and recycling.


In addition to the single-shaft soft material shredder, other products of Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. have also attracted much attention. These include plastic washing lines and plastic granulators, which form a complete production line for plastic recycling from shredding, washing to granulation, achieving the purpose of recycling and reuse, effectively reducing the amount of waste, and contributing to environmental protection.



Participating in Chinaplas is an important opportunity for Xinbei Machinery to showcase its strength and products to the world. Xinbei Machinery will continue to carry out technological innovation and product upgrades to make greater contributions to the development of the solid waste recycling industry.






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