Low-price shredder purchase scam revealed - a lesson learned from the blood of real users

  • release time: 2021-08-28

As the saying goes, cheap products are not good, and good products are not cheap. This makes sense. The following two pictures are for your reference. They will let you know why cheap shredders are unreliable and should not be bought.



After looking at the picture above, you should know that this is a user in Zhenjiang. In the early days, because it was the first time to buy equipment, he didn’t know much about the shredder industry. He was greedy for cheapness and bought a 1000-type shredder for less than 100,000 yuan. It should be said that the price is extremely low. There should be no second shredder cheaper than this price in the entire domestic market. It was bought back and mainly used to tear up miscellaneous materials such as flower iron, color steel tiles, bicycle racks, etc., but the reality is skinny. It was purchased at the end of 2018 and started production in early 2019. In less than three months, the machine could no longer produce normally. First of all, it couldn’t tear up slightly larger materials. It couldn’t tear them at all. Then, when tearing some slightly thicker materials, the blade immediately broke out. After more than two months, the blade had been broken beyond recognition and basically could not be produced.


Our boss Chen from Zhenjiang regretted it, but there was nothing he could do. He bought things for cheap, and he was only happy when he bought them. From the moment he took over, he was no longer happy. For more than two months, he kept repairing them, and the actual use time was not long. Helpless, boss Wang had to dismantle the two 37KW motors of the shredder and sell them separately, which would reduce the cost. But what he didn't expect was that when the second-hand motor buyer came to see it, he refused to make an offer and turned away. When boss Wang asked, he found out that this was not a 37KW motor at all, but a 30KW labeling motor. This result made boss Chen laugh and cry. There is no good thing when it is cheap, and he suffered from cheap goods.

Let's tell friends that if you want to buy good equipment that is worth the money, don't just look at the price, the key is quality.

Then let's talk about where the high quality of a good shredder is reflected. First of all, we all know that the two major parts of the shredder - the reducer and the blade, as long as these two parts are of good quality, then the other accessories will not be too bad, and usually as long as these two parts are fine, even if the other parts are slightly worse, it will basically not affect the use. (Of course, except for the assembly process, which we will talk about later)

The blade and the reducer are all purchased parts, and basically no shredder manufacturer can produce them by themselves because they do not have the production qualifications. Due to the current market chaos, the prices vary, and there are mixed fish and dragons, so the product prices present multiple ladders, from ordinary chrome steel to chrome silicon steel, and then there are chrome silicon steel plus molybdenum, plus vanadium and other different materials, to the more famous H13 material we know, each material has a different price, and it is normal for the price of the high and low to differ by several times. So to make sure to buy a machine, you must make sure what kind of material the blade is. If you encounter an unscrupulous manufacturer, some dare to use carbon steel to cut it directly into the shape of a blade, grind it a little, and assemble it. This kind of thing can't tear anything except plastic cloth.

The situation with reducers is similar to that with blades, they are also different models with a big price difference. However, one thing that reducers are different from blades is that reducers must be produced by large factories, because only the quality of reducers produced by large factories is guaranteed. In order to save costs, many manufacturers purchase reducers produced by some small manufacturers in Shandong or local workshops. They are cheap, but they can't withstand much torque at all. If the material is slightly thicker, they can't be torn through.


Finally, the assembly process is something that can be seen with the naked eye, such as whether the width of the weld is the same, whether the weld is uniform, whether the chassis is rough, etc. If it looks rough at first glance, then you must be careful when buying.

In a word, if you want to buy a good machine, you must not buy cheap ones!





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