Single shaft shredder, soft material shredder, waste cloth shredder

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Classification: Single shaft shredder

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Single shaft shredder, soft material shredder

Video of shredding waste cloth

Single shaft soft material shredder parameters

Single shaft soft material shredder parameters

Single shaft soft material shredder use

  • PE, PP, BOPP, PU, PET films, woven bags, ton bags

  • PET chemical fiber, PS baling sheets

  • Industrial waste fabrics

  • Wires and cables

  • Domestic waste

Features of single shaft soft material shredder

  • The overall circulation of the bin material, unlimited feeding, high shredding efficiency, and no jamming;

  • The spindle is specially customized with a large rotating diameter to ensure the shredding contact surface and increase production capacity;

  • The transmission parts are connected by couplings to reduce vibration, protect the spindle and reducer, and do not lose force.

  • The spindle is equipped with a fixed knife on the upper and lower parts to effectively cut off the material without entanglement, and the size after shredding is small.

  • The electronic control system is PLC self-programmed and equipped with start, stop, forward rotation and overload automatic protection functions. The whole machine is automated to ensure stable and safe operation. Save labor costs.





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