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Single shaft hard material shredder

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Single shaft hard material shredder

Video of single shaft hard material shredder

Parameters of single shaft hard material shredder

Model XB-2455 XB-3063 XB-3980 XB-48100 XB-57120 XB-75160
Power 22KW 30KW 37KW 45KW 55KW 75KW
Output 350kg/h 500kg/h 700kg/h 900Kg/h 1100kg/h 1400kg/h
Bin diameter(cm) 78*55 78*68 100*87 120*105 140*126 180*165
Size(cm) 325*150
Weight 3600kg 4000kg 5600kg 8000kg 9500kg 12000kg

Use of single shaft hard material shredder

  • Large diameter pipe and plate
  • Head stock
  • Tray
  • Wires and cables
  • Metal, glass fiber, carbon fiber

Features of single shaft hard material shredder

  • The bin material circulates and moves as a whole, feeding is unlimited, tearing efficiency is high, and there is no blocking; unique external guidance, stability, zero maintenance.
  • The main shaft is an integral fastener, processed automatically by the machining center, with high precision and never broken.
  • The transmission parts are connected by coupling to reduce vibration and protect the main shaft and reducer from force loss.
  • Unique vertical hopper, equipped with pneumatic cover plate and safe feeding platform, convenient for feeding and safety.
  • The electric control system is programmed by PLC, equipped with start, stop, forward rotation and overload automatic protection functions. The whole machine is automated to ensure stable and safe operation. Save labor cost.

Advantages of single shaft hard material shredder

Hopper structure

        The hydraulic pushing mode of the single axle hard material shredder series is the overall moving structure of the hopper. The green pillar used on the injection molding machine is added on both sides of the main shaft as the guide rail. The copper sleeve is built in the guide rail, and the inside of the copper sleeve is lubricated with graphene, which can play the role of automatic oil supply. At the same time, we can choose to apply oil on the green pillar to increase the lubrication degree and the service life of the machine.
Advantage analysis:
a. The feeding is unlimited, the feeding quantity is controllable, the hopper moves with the animal material close to and away from the main shaft to ensure the smooth tearing process. The material forward and backward are automatically controlled by Siemens PLC. We choose to determine the load of the spindle by the current. Effectively reduce the number of reversals and protect the reducer.
b. The structure of the traditional shredder is built-in push plate. The material and push plate are in direct contact with each other and can't be refueled. The gap between push plate and guide rail will become larger and larger, which eventually leads to the stuck push plate. The push plate must be shut down and removed before it can continue to work.
c. At the same time, when the traditional structure is fed too much, the material can not be taken away from the main shaft through the push plate, the load is too high, the machine will frequently reverse, the reverse times will cause damage to the gear of the gearbox, and reduce the service life.

Single shaft hard material shredder

Shredder spindle

        The main shaft of the single axle hard material shredder series adopts the forging circle in the round rigidity as the raw material, with higher compactness and strength. After tempering, forging and rough turning, Yuangang can reach the standard shape. The finish machining of the spindle is completed in its own machining center. The tolerance of the spindle can be controlled within 10 wires (1mm equals to 100 wires).
        The structure design of the main shaft and the cutter head of the shredder has been improved by our company's nearly ten years of field production experience. The cutter head structure is in the form of stepped spiral, which can make the load in the process of shredding more even and ensure stable operation.
Advantage analysis:
a. The new shell spindle is an integral forging workpiece. The traditional shredder chooses seamless steel pipe for welding. The cutter head is welded on the steel pipe through welding. The welding process belongs to high temperature, and there will be thermal expansion and contraction at the contact point. After the overall welding, the tolerance of the whole shaft will even reach 4-5mm. In this way, the blade gap must be very large, and the blade gap of our company can be adjusted to 0.5mm. The smaller the blade gap is, the lower the load during the tearing process, the higher the output of the machine, and the longer the service life. At the same time, the traditional structure clearance is too large, when dealing with soft materials, there is often the phenomenon of winding shaft, which causes frequent reverse rotation of the machine, and has an impact on the service life of the motor and gearbox. The service life of the welding cutter head is far less than our overall structure, and the cutter head often falls and damages the tearing room, while our structural cutter head will never fall.
b. For the cutter head structure of the main shaft, the traditional shredder chooses the round and rigid welded cutter head. There is only the concave convex structure of the cutter head on the whole shaft, and the gap between the fixed knife and the moving knife will be small, but the gap between the fixed knife and the main shaft will be large, and the phenomenon of winding the shaft will often occur when tearing the soft materials. However, our randomly selected groove type cutter head can ensure that the clearance between moving cutter and fixed cutter is 0.5mm, and the clearance between fixed cutter and main shaft can be controlled at 1mm, and the shaft will never be wound.

Wall panel processing of shredder

       The wall back baffle, left and right wall panels, hopper ears of single axis hard material shredder series are all processed by gantry washing, the overall accuracy can be controlled within 1mm, the stability of the machine is stronger, and the service life is longer.

The traditional shredder is just rough welding and grinding, without high-precision processing. The working principle of the shredder is hard hitting. If the connection is not accurate enough, the structure of the machine will shake in the later operation, which will seriously affect the service life of the machine.


Shredder gearbox

        Gear box of single axle hard material shredder series is of gear box with high torque and tooth surface, and the brand is Guomao. Due to the selection of domestic brands, considering that the domestic material standards and processing technology do not meet the German standards, we choose the way of amplification when selecting models. The service factor of international standard reducer is 2.2 times, and that of Xinbei gearbox is 5 times. In short, our gearbox is several models larger than the domestic factory. Through our gearbox equipped with water cooling system, try to improve the service life of the gearbox.
        For the connection between reducer and main shaft, coupling connection is selected, and the coupling connection is tight fitting, which can effectively relieve the counter impulse generated by main shaft during the tearing process and protect the gear of reducer. At the same time, the pin structure is selected in the middle of the coupling, and the recoil force is mostly carried by the pin. In the later stage, the pin only needs to be replaced simply, which greatly reduces the use cost. While the traditional shredder chooses the sleeve shaft mode, that is, the main shaft of the shredder is directly sleeved into the reducer. This mode is loose, and the reducer will shake during the tearing process. At the same time, the counter impulse of the main shaft directly acts on the gear of the reducer, so the reducer has a very short service life.

Single shaft hard material shredder

Shredder bearing

        The bearing pedestal of the single shaft hard material shredder series is processed as a whole by the machining center, and the center height tolerance with the spindle is within 10 wires, which greatly improves the accuracy of installation. Because the main shaft is a solid whole structure with high load, we choose the magnifying mode for the bearing. The size of the bearing is twice that of the traditional shredder.
        The bearing of the shredder shall be installed in mild fire with strict process requirements. In order to install conveniently, traditional factories choose to bake directly in high fire, and the inner hole of bearing is heated, which is easy to be damaged.


safety protection

        The design of the single axle hard material shredder series is intended to put safety first. The hard equipment is equipped with vertical safety hopper and safety protection cover. In addition, for the convenience of operation and maintenance, the machine is equipped with a complete set of stairs, handrails and safety maintenance platform, so as to reduce the potential safety hazards during the use of guests.
        However, the traditional shredder is limited by the structure of the machine (push plate moving, small rack). In order to save cost, the hopper is also a simple bell mouth, with low safety factor and high risk.

Single shaft hard material shredder

 Electronic control system

        The electric control components of single axle hard material shredder series are mostly Siemens and Schneider brands, with stable and reliable quality. The operation system of the machine selects the west gate PLC system, which can effectively control the forward and backward of the machine hopper, and has a perfect overload protection and high heat protection system. The operation panel is Siemens text display. After the machine debugging, the operator only needs to control F1 start and F2 automatic stop. According to the amount of material input, the system will cooperate with the mobile hopper to effectively operate automatically and stably through the current. Higher automation, more stable machine, longer service life.
        The traditional shredder is just a simple selection button control, can not effectively coordinate the internal load of hopper according to the current, the machine will frequently reverse the scene, greatly limiting the stability and service life of the machine.


Overall structure of the machine

        The working process of the single axle hard material shredder series is the whole hard impact structure. New shell takes these into account. In the manufacturing process, it is convenient to consider from the perspective of frame, plate thickness and so on. The self weight of the whole machine is nearly 1.5 times heavier than that of the traditional machine. It can run for a long time.

Hydraulic system

        High strength hydraulic system is selected for the single axle hard material shredder series. Large diameter and multi length oil pump is selected for the oil pump. The capacity of the hydraulic station is higher. The high pressure oil pipe used on the forklift is selected for the hydraulic oil pipe. In the working process of the machine, the hydraulic load is in the neutral state. In simple terms, we use a larger and stronger hydraulic system to ensure that the hydraulic pressure is in the working state of low load. The hydraulic system is also equipped with water cooling to ensure stable and long-term operation.
        The hydraulic system of the traditional shredder is very small, just choose the pressure structure enough to push the plate. Our smallest hydraulic system can achieve 10t thrust, while the traditional shredder only has 3T.
Single shaft hard material shredder

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