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Meltblown cloth equipment prices

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Meltblown cloth production line


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Status of meltblown cloth production line

Following the comprehensive reorganization of mask production and meltblown fabric production enterprises in Zhejiang, Yangzhong also carried out a comprehensive reorganization of the meltblown fabric production line. As of April 8, Yangzhong registered enterprises involved in the production and sale of meltblown fabrics More than 800 households. It is understood that the Yangzhong City Market Supervision Bureau had previously randomly selected 8 melt-blown fabric production enterprises for quality sampling data. The results of the random inspection showed that the bacterial filtration efficiency of melt-blown fabrics produced by only 3 enterprises was in line with "YY0469-2011 According to the provisions of the "Mask", the bacterial filtration efficiency of the melt-blown cloth of three other enterprises is less than 50%, and the lowest is only 39.4%. Yangzhong City implements "shock therapy" for the meltblown fabric industry. Yangzhong meltblown fabric manufacturers and individual industrial and commercial households will cease production for rectification until the products meet the relevant quality standards.
         Rectification across the country is also a matter of time, so it is recommended that companies and companies that have not yet invested in the industry adopt the melt-blown cloth production line of a regular large factory! To avoid unnecessary losses

Xinbei Machinery-Meltblown Fabric Production Line

Xinbei Machinery has more than 20 years of professional manufacturing technology, quality assurance, and professional-grade melt-blown cloth production line (not a small factory product) that meets national standards. The company is equipped with professional melt-blown cloth testing equipment that can be tested on the spot.
         At present, our melt-blown cloth production line is divided into: 600mm wide, 1200mm wide, 1600mm wide. When ordering our melt-blown fabric production line, our production line is a complete set of equipment, which can be produced after plugging in. We will provide our customers with on-site debugging of the finished line and on-site teaching to solve your worries.
         At present, some of our products are in stock, you are welcome to visit the factory at any time!

Meltblown cloth production line price

At present, the price of melt-blown cloth production line is changing every day. The fundamental reason is that the price of production line accessories is one price a day, and the overall trend is rising. Please contact us for the quotation of the day.

Delivery time

Some are in stock, please contact us in time, the delivery time of the complete equipment is about 15-25 days, please prepare your customers, order quickly, and return the book as soon as possible

Xinbei machinery-on-site shooting of meltblown fabric production line

Meltblown cloth production line

Meltblown cloth production line

Meltblown cloth production line

Meltblown cloth production line
Meltblown cloth equipment prices

You can understand the product information and quotation through "online message" or "telephone consultation", we will provide you with a complete set of solutions.

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