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How to clean plastic correctly?

文章出处:wingadmin 人气:发表时间:2020-05-05 11:04

        You can use that kind of harder rubber to rub repeatedly. You can also use a soft cotton cloth and apply a little detergent to wipe gently. However, it is not appropriate to use alkaline soaps and solvents to prevent the plastics from being destroyed, causing the plastics to become hard and brittle; or to swell certain plastics and damage the products. You can pour some warm water into the basin, then pour the right amount of detergent, and put the plastic in the basin to soak for 15 minutes. Finally, it is easy to clean it. It is not suitable to use boiling water to avoid deformation. Plastic products should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, alcohol, gasoline and other substances, so that chemical changes can be avoided. The company's main products: pipe production line

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