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What is the manufacturing process of the membrane water-cooled wall row?

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Membrane wall tube screen is the main pressure component of boiler furnace.
In order to reduce product costs, modern large-scale boiler membrane water-cooled tube screens are all welded with smooth tubes and flat steel. And from the perspective of ensuring sealing and heat transfer, double-sided welding must be used to join the smooth tube and flat steel with continuous welds to reach the finished width of the tube screen.
A 300MW power plant boiler membrane water-cooled wall panel has a total area of about 4000m2 and a total weld length of 270,000m. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the above production tasks without using high-efficiency special equipment. Zhangjiagang Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in production: shredders, pipe production lines and other equipment! Welcome to buy!

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